Welcome to the New CPN Website
CPN has spent half a century building top of the line equipment that in turn, built a reputation around the globe. It is a rich history filled with breakthroughs, pioneered technologies and advancements in the field of materials testing and analysis. To coincide with CPN’s 50 year anniversary, we are proud to unveil the all new CPN website. The website is designed to give you fast and convenient access to the latest products, services and news from CPN.
We wanted to offer our customers the latest in news, not only about the products, but also things like business changes, training, certifications and advancements. A lot of our success comes from keeping up to date on business trends and market changes, and we want to share our knowledge with you. So, our news section will offer updates on a regularly rotating basis.
If you would rather just visit the site to download product brochures, read up on our new line of InstroTek asphalt testing equipment or find out about the most recent upgrade for your CPN nuclear gauge, it’s all right here. CPN’s main products are beautifully displayed on the home page, with quick links and details about upgrades, when available.
Concord, California is still home to CPN, but on our Contact Us page you will find offices across the US with skilled service technicians ready to work on any of your CPN products. Plus, we made it simple, and contacting our experienced staff, no matter where they are, is just a click away.
Our mission in creating this site was to allow you, our customers, the ability to research our products and reach out to us, in a simple and effective way. So welcome to the site! Take a look around and see what we offer. We promise, you won’t be disappointed.