Quality Matters: CPN is now a ISO 17025 calibration facility
Nuclear gauge service expertise and calibration quality matters.  At CPN, we know in order to give our customers the highest quality services we must adhere to the highest quality processes and facilities. We have worked diligently to create a set of standard operating procedures that ensure each and every calibration is consistent, accurate, and meets all international and domestic standards.
We also have a highly trained staff of service technicians and customer service representatives ready to help with any of your calibration and repair needs.   Our calibration facility has 4,500 sq. ft. dedicated to calibration and repair of Troxler, InstroTek, Humboldt as well as our own brand of nuclear gauges.
How will this benefit your business?
Every time you use the CPN calibration facility you will have confidence and peace of mind that your equipment is calibrated consistently to strict ISO 17025 guidelines, producing the highest quality results. Once again CPN has raised the bar for the benefit of our customers.
Download ISO Scope