3500 Xplorer
InstroTek’s 3500 Xplorer is the no nonsense nuclear moisture density gauge designed to provide superior performance. With over 10 years of field operation, its rock solid design is developed to withstand the rugged construction environment, be affordable and be easy to operate.
Useless “bells and whistles” are not included, making the gauge simple to operate. Part of our motto: “Keep it simple” means the Xplorer can easily be serviced and calibrated by any qualified repair center in the country, which means cost savings and reduced down-time for you. Meets all AASHTO T-310 and ASTM D6938, and D2950 Standards.

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  • Non-contact auto-depth indicator reduces mistakes during testing
  • Superior Backscatter Composition and Surface Error for better results on asphalt pavements
  • Back light display for night use
  • Precision machined base and components
  • Reliable surface mount components that will reduce gauge down time and repair cost
  • Intelligent battery life operation and monitoring for extended operations
  • Superior, durable poly carbonate topshell design
  • Integrated temperature monitor ensures operators are obtaining accurate results